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Welcome to our new website which is still under construction.  We wanted to go ahead and post this event and get the information out now before the site was finished.  Southern Illinois First is here to support teams.  One way is through our FLL Development Day which is a help clinic for teams.  You will spend the morning getting lots of 1 on 1 help with where ever you are in the season.

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 You can attend 4 sessions where there will be people experienced in FLL to assist you.  You can choose between Game Strategy, Core Values/Team Building, Project, Robot building/Attachments, Programming, and Sensors/Advanced Programming.  


We do not expect you to have a finished project; come with what you have and speak with an experienced coach and get valuable feedback.  Core Values will take your team through a mock core values session so you know what to expect.  Stuck on robot building or have an idea but don’t quite know how to implement it? Meet with experienced robot builders.  Need help getting started programming? The programming session is for you.  Want to learn how to use sensors or do more advanced programming?  We will have people for you too.  Each session will have people waiting for you to ask them questions and work one on one with your team.  Most sessions will not have a presentation as this is for help and learning one on one, not concepts.  

Register online: https://goo.gl/forms/GsnE7QzX3hYIj5Fw2 

Register today as space is limited.  Cost is $10.

October 15, 2016dscn2446-2

9AM to 1PM.

Check in at 8:50.

Holy Trinity Catholic School

504 Fountains Parkway,

Fairview Heights, IL

Bring your robot and kit, laptop, FIRST permission forms, pen and paper, and a willingness to learn.

Questions contact Tara tara@cranesnest.us or 618-746-9447


3 thoughts on “FLL Development Day

  1. I have two sons that are very interested in First Robotics. They have participated in the IL 4-H Robotics Competition at the University of IL in Champaign for two years now. We are trying to find a club that the boys can join as the club they are in right now is 4-H run and we are trying to move away from 4-H and into FIRST. We have our own EV3 and laptop. Can we come to this workshop without a club? What can I do to get them part of a club? Thanks!

    1. Hi Karen, this is more of a help day for teams competing this fall. It is not workshops with a presentation. Teams will come in and get individual help. So I am not sure this will be of much use to you right now. Feel free to contact me directly, my email and number should both be on the flyer. If not email is tara@cranesnest.us. We can discuss how to join a team.

  2. Hi Tara,

    Thanks for putting this together. Is there any other way to pay rather than PayPal? I do not have an account. We are SPARKLERS, Team 24442 in Mascoutah.

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